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K-9 Comfort Program

Percy's Story

In 2017, the Philomath Police Foundation launched our first program: assisting the Philomath Police Department establish and fund a K-9 Comfort Program. In recent years, police departments have discovered the value of having a trained K-9 comfort dog assist officers and investigators in providing emotional support for victims and witnesses who have experienced a traumatic incident. Working with members of the police department and a local therapy dog expert, the Foundation located a prime candidate for the job: Percy, a two-year-old AKC Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Midnight Sky Labradors in Eugene, Oregon, contacted our consultant in October. They had raised Percy to be a competitive show dog, but after hearing about our need, they decided Percy's calm disposition would best be suited to a life of helping others. The Foundation purchased Percy at a discounted price, with Midnight Sky donating the remainder.


Percy lives full-time at the Philomath Police Department office building. His mission is to provide emotional therapy for victims of a crime, members of the community who have experienced trauma, small children needing a diversion during a stressful situation, and anyone in the station (including officers) who would benefit from his unconditional love.

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